Howdy and welcome to our 1999 Pontiac Trans Am page.  This car was purchased in March of 1999.  The car was on the dealer lot for 7 days before we drove off with it.  Door sticker shows that it was manufactured on 02/99 at the Sainte-Thérése plant in Quebec, Canada, which is the birthplace of all late model Chevrolet Cameros and Pontiac Firebirds.

Specifications for this car are as follows:

Modifications to date are as follows:

Here's some pics of the car taken outside our Town home in San Antonio, Texas.

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Here are pics of the BMR Strut Tower Brace and Energy Suspension transmission mount installs.  Thanks to my friend Chad for the help!!!  Chad and Tammy's 1998 is shown.  The 'birds roosted in the drive for a while after the install.

bmr_install.jpg (93425 bytes) bmr_install2.jpg (100784 bytes) ta_jacked.jpg (83069 bytes)

tranny_mount_install.jpg (73823 bytes) ta_firebird_front.jpg (97958 bytes) ta_firebird_rear.jpg (103167 bytes)

Ram Air Hood Time!!!  Added on April 9th, 2001

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raimair4.jpg (63061 bytes)

And finally, here is a section dedicated to pictures of cars that the LS1 loves to destroy on the street.

Rice.jpg (71842 bytes) ...more to come!


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