Welcome to our 2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible page.

This car was bought in May of 2001.  It is Electric Green Metallic with every option available this year except for the automatic transmission.  A picture of the original window sticker can be found below.

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Window_sticker.jpg (235886 bytes) 

Specifications for this car are as follows:

Modifications to date are as follows:

Here's some pics of the car taken before and after the light bar install

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After Light Bar Installation

Left_front_bar.jpg (283445 bytes) Left_rear_bar.jpg (319157 bytes) Left_side_bar.jpg (198640 bytes) Lightbar_behind.jpg (277061 bytes) rear_bar.jpg (285928 bytes) Right_front_bar.jpg (229651 bytes) Right_rear_bar.jpg (251758 bytes)

Dyno Results:

225 HP / 271 TQ at rear wheels     264 HP Calculated flywheel