Welcome to Juan's 2001 Ford Mustang GT page.

This car was bought in March of 2001.  The car was found on a dealer lot in Houston, TX and transported to a dealer in Austin Texas where Juan was making his deal for it's purchase.  The car's manufacture date was 02/01 and is posted on the Drivers side door sill.  This Mustang was built at the Dearborn, Michigan Ford Plant.  A picture of the original window sticker can be found below.

Juan's Mustang - Window Sticker.jpg (593466 bytes) 

Specifications for this car are as follows:

Modifications to date are as follows:

Here's some pics of the car taken with interested onlookers

   Juan's Mustang - Right Front.jpg (615497 bytes) Juan's Mustang - Left Front.jpg (569529 bytes) Juan's Mustang - Left rear.jpg (591351 bytes) Juan's Mustang - Front View.jpg (565799 bytes) Juan's Mustang-rear.jpg (558416 bytes) Juan's Mustang - Instrument Panel.jpg (576788 bytes) Juan's Mustang - Engine Front.jpg (580696 bytes) Juan's Mustang - Engine Left.jpg (586862 bytes) Juan's Mustang - The Wheel.jpg (618928 bytes)